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    J-Blizzy Talks About A More Aggressive Second Album
    In a recent interview with Spinner J-Blizzy, the prince of Arthouse, talks about his second album and his plans for the future. Here a few excerpts:

    1.A lot of the vocal music I’ve been doing recently has been quite clubby. But that’s mainly because I’ve had more time to go to clubs, and that normally breeds that kind of influence. I’ve been doing quite a few DJ sets recently, which have been really fun.
    2.  ”
    I think it’s (2nd album) going to be a bit more aggressive, to be honest. It seems that way. I don’t feel more aggressive, it’s just been … it’s just how I feel. In terms of writing more club tracks, writing more electronically influenced — I feel like it was all electronically influenced, but now that influence has come to me in a different way.”
    3. When asked if he is going to work with Mount Kimbie and Bon Iver again, the prince replied:
    Yeah, Kai [from Mount Kimbie] was at my house the other day, and we’ve just been talking about stuff, so absolutely no reason why not.
    I will be making sure that I visit him as much as possible when I’m in the U.S., and I know that he’ll be in London at some point, as well. We really do want to work on some more stuff together. We get on as people. He’s a great guy, and the collaborations that I normally form are based on friendships, not on A&R moves, so that’s the way it’ll happen.

    Read the rest of the interview here.

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  22. kentkentington said: Good, his 1st was way too soft.
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    I didn’t rate the Bon Iver collaborations much, I should probably give them another listen, but I’m excited to James’...
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    'Aggressive', 'club tracks' / collaboration with Bon Iver. SEEMS LEGIT.
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    my aunt is friends with kai from mount kimbie >:) maybe i’ll meet james blake one day cool also “j-blizzy” makes me want...
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